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Relief from the Estate Tax
NFIB supports full and permanent repeal of theestate tax.
Problem Regulations
Regulations Affecting Small Business
NFIB’s Regulatory Reform Agenda
The uncertainty caused by future regulation negatively affects a small business's ability to plan for future growth. While regulation is necessary, it must be pragmatic and sensible. Find out what NFIB is doing about it.
Quick Information About Main Street, Texas
A resource for reporters, editorial writers and TV and radio hosts
Texas Top 5 Small Business Issues
NFIB/Texas positions in the 85th Texas Legislative Session, we define the top 5 small business issues in the Lonestar State.
Favoritism for Labor Unions
NFIB/Texas takes an in-depth look at favoritism for labor unions for business in Texas.
Quick Information About Main Street, Colorado
A resource for reporters, editorial writers, and TV and radio hosts.
Overtime Rule: Temporary Victory
The latest on the Department of Labor's new overtime rule; what it means for your business and how to join the fight to stop it.
Small Business Supports Main Street Tax Fairness Act
The NFIB offers support for a bill from Rep. Vern Buchanan (FL-16) that would ensure that businesses big and small pay equal tax rates.
2016 Holidays: Give Yourself the Gift of Increased Revenue
E-commerce played a huge role in 2015 holidays sales for American businesses. Use the lessons learned to make the most of the 2016 season at your business.
How to Get the Most Out of Your Local Small Business Association
Build connections and make the most of small business association resources like NFIB's at the local level.
Infographic: The Greatest Job in the World
Small business owners are some of the happiest, most content workers youll find.
Federal Court Upholds Employers’ Right to Seek Legal Counsel in Labor Disputes
A U.S. District Court in Texas blocked a DOL rule requiring small business owners to disclose any communication with legal counsel in preparation for union elections.
Senator Ron Johnson Takes Small Business Challenge
Senator Ron Johnson visited Royal Basket Trucks in Darien, WI to take the Small Business Challenge.
The State of Open Enrollment for Small Businesses in 2017
When facing rising costs and fewer options, small business owners have difficult choices to make.
Avoid Holiday Shopping Heartbreak
A message from Liberty Mutual Insurance
How to Get the Most Out of Your Online Advertising this Holiday Season
Use customer data, email, and social media to stretch your digital advertising budget this holiday season.
Members of Congress Take the Small Business Challenge
A NFIB program helps lawmakers understand life as a small business owner.
NFIB Congratulates President-Elect Trump
NFIB offers to work with Trump on policies aimed at boosting small business
NFIB Congratulates Senator Toomey
NFIB: He's been working hard in Washington to provide tax relief and fight against red tape. We're glad that he will be able to keep up the good work next year.

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