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Essentials of Payroll: Management and Accounting

Your one-stop-shop for unparralled coverage of payroll control systems, best practices, measurements and reports, cost account, and outsourcing. Includes a step-by-step checklist of activities to follow when setting up a payroll system and how to install controls that combat payroll fraud. 


Payroll Accounting: A Complete Guide to Payroll

This comprehensive and practical textbook covers the entire payroll process, step-by-step. The text provides an overview of governmental procedures and regulations, and two unique chapters offer a managerial perspective on internal control and cost-saving measures. An ongoing case and continuing case problem illustrate the steps of the payroll cycle at realistic manufacturing and service companies.


Payroll Records and Procedures

This package consists of a student text-workbook, practice set, and computerized templates for QuickBooks. The program presents payroll activities and related materials as a single unit and includes a comprehensive practice set that is available separately or shrink-wrapped with the text-workbook. The easy-to-read presentation of topics helps students develop efficient working procedures. Numerous illustrations and examples support content.


The Payroll Toolkit Nuts and Bolts Techniques to Help You Better Understand and Manage Your Payroll (Revised Second Edition)

This book is a practical self-study instruction and reference guide that deals with the concepts and procedures associated with operating a payroll for a business. It provides the reader with a practical “how to” approach to the basics of payroll accounting and administration.


Small Business Payroll System Simplified (Small Business Made Simple)

A complete payroll workbook that contains everything for small business payroll records for up to 20 employees for an entire fiscal year.



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