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It's Tax Time Again!

February 5, 2009
This time of year in small business and among individuals is like a race against the clock. We will spend a good amount of time locating, organizing and filing tax documents to the Internal Revenue Service.

Many small businesses enlist the help of an accountant to help navigate the maze of tax filing. However, the IRS provides a one-stop tax information center to help small businesses and the self-employed properly file their taxes. Of course, accountants will find these resources quite helpful too with up-to-date tax rules and regulations.

Learn about filing requirements for both self-employed individuals and small businesses with employees.

Find out what business expenses are tax deductible and how you can benefit from depreciating capital equipment purchases.

Short audio and video presentations help you easily learn about the complex subject of business taxes.

Visit and learn all the facts so your tax filing will go smoothly.


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